I am Gigi!

Since a very young age, I have studied art.  My art works has always involved a strong personal connection with nature and beauty.  My vocation as an artist began when I started to recognize the simple and valuable things in life that mattered to me.  As I grow older, I realized that being an art creator sometimes could be challenging, but it is also exciting and rewarding.  From doodles (Yup! Those doodles created in school while in class) to more elaborated and complex paintings, I have learned to enjoy the process, every color, every stroke...  

As an adult with the stress, fast paced and the complexities of life, I discovered Yoga and Meditation.  These practices and way of living have made me enjoy even more every moment in life, every second of the day.  I have learned to be more aware in my daily life.  The years of practicing yoga , meditation and art have taken me into a deeper journey, a journey of self awareness, gratitude and exploration where different natural paths have come together.  I have found myself studying Reiki, crystal healing, flower essences, and essential oils.  My knowledge and studies in the different alternative healing modalities and life coaching have helping me to reconnect with my inner goddess and my woman power. 

All my studies have helped me guide and support other women to find balance and connection between body, mind, soul and nature.

I like to bring the best of each world combining physical and inner work for a better way of life.