The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit, the scriptural language of ancient India. Yoga means "to yoke", "to unite". Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline. It is a connection between your body, mind and soul. It's objective is to help the practitioner in using the breath and the body to create awareness of ourselves as individual beings intimately connected to the unified whole of creation. It is about making balance and creating calmness so as to live in peace, good health and harmony with the greater whole.

This art of right living and the foundation of yoga philosophy was written down in "The Yoga Sutra" of Patanjali. This text describes the inner working of the mind and provides an eight-step plan for controlling its restlessness so as to enjoying lasting peace.
In brief the eight limbs, or steps to yoga, are:
1. Yama: Universal morality
2. Niyama: Personal observances
3. Asanas: Body postures
4. Pranayama: Breathing exercises, and control of pana (energy or force)
5. Pratyahara: Control of the senses
6. Dharana: Concentration and cultivating inner perceptual awareness
7. Dhyana: Devotion, meditation on the Divine
8. Smadhi: Union with the Divine

Yoga and art with "Zen Lotus Studio Yoga and Art" is not just a work-out. It is a work-in. Every movement is a meditation on one self observing your body and mind, in and out.