Gigi is an artist who fell in love with Yoga since the moment she stepped on her first Vinyasa class few years ago.  Yoga has changed her life in every aspect, and she decided to get certified to share with the community her love, passion and benefits of Yoga.  She received her 200hr. yoga certification and is registered with the Yoga Alliance and The National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers.  She likes to bring mindfulness and gratitude to each class and assist in bringing out the fun and greatness inside of us.



Rupal Amin is married, and a mother of 2 beautiful girls. She loves masala Indian tea and a variety of Indian snacks.

She has been passionate about yoga since she was a teenager, but didn’t start practice regularly until a few years ago. She did not know she wanted to be come a yoga teacher until she started regular practice and found that she wanted to go deeper in her practice, so she started yoga teacher training at Awakened yoga studio in 2017 and finally got her certificate in May of 2018.

For Rupal, yoga is not just about the poses it’s about the connection with her mind, body and soul. She believes that if you practice yoga daily you can cure your stress and pain without medication.



Victor is born in Hong Kong, He speaks Cantonese fluently and mandarin well.
Victor has been doing Yoga for the 6 years now. He is passionate about how Yoga is there to help link the mind and body together. Having had Yoga change his life in the most positive manner, he likes to return and propagate the craft of Yoga and share his understanding of Yoga with the community. He would consider himself a student of Ashtanga Yoga. He is well versed in both the Yin and Yang side of the craft. Victor also studies Daoism and like to find and use the linkage to Yoga and help use these ancient craft to use it for healing.