Classes and Services 




I teach a variety of yoga classes that combine yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation to help you connect your body, mind and soul.  I teach vinyasa flow, chakra flow, slow burn flow, yin yoga, and chair yoga.  My yoga classes also can include crystal healing and essential oils.

$60 - 60 min. class (1 or more people) 

$90 - 75 min. class including crystal healing meditation




I guide meditation classes in studios and corporates.  These classes are great to relax the mind and body in a deeper level.  I focus on different topics such as awareness, chakras and more.  

$40 - 30 min.

$50 - 45 min.

Some other services such some Yoga classes and some workshops include meditation.




I teach art classes for groups and individuals. Not experience required. 

$60 - 90min. session 1:1 (materials not included. Add $20 if materials included)

$100 - 120min. session 1:1 (materials not included. Add $20 if materials included)

For group classes contact me for a quote.

I can combine art with other classes.  Contact me for a quote.




Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique where stones and crystals are placed on the physical body and energetic body to help aligned and balance the energy.  

$90 - one 60 min. Cristal healing session

$265 - three 60 min. Crystal healing session

$435 - five 60 min. Crystal healing session




Reiki is a natural healing system where energy flows from the palm of the practitioner to the receiver and help to improve overall wellbeing.

$70 - one 60 min. Reiki session

$205 - three 60 min. Reiki sessions

$335 - five 60 min. Reiki sessions




Flower essences are remedies derived from living flowers that help you shift your vibration to release patterns so healing can happen.

$60 - one 60 min. session including flower essence formula

$175 - three 60 min. session including three flower essences formula (one session and one formula each month for three consecutive months)




As a Life and Health Coach I support, inspire and hold space for women to become healthier, happier and more confident and connected to themselves.

$80 - 60 min. 1:1 coaching session

$450 - 60 min. 6 sessions 1:1 

Contact me for a complementary session.




I create and teach a variety of workshops, woman's circles and events. 

Crystal healing bracelet workshop: I teach about the most popular crystals, how to chose them and clean them.  Then, we create our own crystal bracelet and finally we go over a meditation to activate and program your bracelets.  We can add a yoga session.

Mandala and yoga-meditation workshop: We will draw and color a mandala.  Then, we will have a meditation with our mandalas and some yoga. 

Self-love woman's circle: We will have a circle where we will talk about self-love, do some journaling and some self-love handmade products.

For a quote contact me.




I create handmade products such as crystal healing bracelets and malas, crystal healing grids, essential oil rollers, and handmade soaps.