I'm Gigi!

I am an Intuitive Self-love Empowerment Coach. I'm from the hot beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico and after living in Spain for many years, I'm currently living in Texas with my beautiful family.

I coach ladies and mommys between ages 25 to 35 years old who wants to stop sabotaging themselves and want to live a more motivated and happy empowered life.

Few years ago, I was a dull go go go mom, wife, and everyone's helper... I would cry on the closet because I didn't want anybody to see me "weak". I was unfulfilled , frustrated and so disconnected with myself. I felt so guilty about feeling this way. My health was weak and I looked for food to feel better... The universe kept giving me hints that I needed to have a change... but of course, I was so busy pleasing and helping others.

Until one day, I decided to listen and give the universe a try... I was invited to a yoga class and I decided to go and do something good for my body and mind... and it was! This decision of listening to the universe lead me into a yoga class that changed my life! I learned how to connect, listen and talk with my higher self.

Yoga lead me to meditation, crystals, flower essences, Reiki, more and more prayers... and art... so much art.

Ultimately, I felt my purpose and the need to help other woman to find their connection with their inner self... feel connected, empowered, confident and zen to attract what they have been dreaming for.

trainings and certifications

2015 - 200hrs. Yoga Certification with Lex Guillan, The Yoga Institute
2016 - 50hrs. Meditation Certification with Aura Wellness Center
2017 - Health Coach Certification Program with Health Coach Institute
2017 - Usui Shiki Ryoho First Degree Certification
2017 - Usui Shiki Ryoho Second Degree Certification
2018 - Flower Essence Certification program with Woman Raising Mystery School
2019 - Life Coach Certification program with Beautiful You Coaching Academy
2021 - Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher – with a Trauma-Informed Focus Certification

2022 - Innercamp Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Current - 500hrs. Yoga Advance Teacher Training Certification

associations and affiliations

Yoga Alliance, member
National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers, member
Reiki Healing Association, member


crystal healing


flower essence

health coaching

life coaching




essential oils