"Coaching with Gigi has been a very powerful life experience. Gigi coached me through two big life transitions. It was because of her guidance + support that I felt like I had the confidence to make these transitions. She is caring, creative and a wonderful listener. I would highly recommend her as a coach."

Chrisy Macleod
"My flower essence session with Gigi was in March, shortly after the pandemic began. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and un-centered so reached out to find out about Gigi’s services. We met via Zoom and had a fantastic session. The questions Gigi asked were not only helpful for her to determine what should go into my custom flower essence, but they were also instrumental in helping me re-center and re-connect! After the session, even before I received my custom flower essences, I felt a real change in my perceptions. Of course, it was just what I needed at the time. The flower essences were also helpful - we agreed I could use some grounding and connection, and the flower essences definitely helped me feel more of both as I took them. I highly recommend Gigi - she has a true gift! "
Tina Reynoso